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Mitel collaboration software and solutions offer's all forms of collaboration from voice, video calling, and instant messaging

Mitel MiCollab

Mitel understands that user collaboration, mobility, and messaging are the core communications requirements, to simplify this process Mitel combines them into a single solution, MiCollab.

Promoting Simplicity for users

MiCollab is an integrated suite of applications that work together seamlessly. MiCollab makes it easy to manage all aspects of day-to-day interaction for workers in any role, no matter where they are or how they choose to be productive. For organizations large and small, MiCollab delivers the kind of cost-effective capabilities needed to increase productivity, build competitive advantage, and drive business success.

Promoting simplicity for IT teams

Promoting simplicity for IT teams

MiCollab operates on a single management console providing administrators with one view of the entire solution – presence, collaboration, mobility, and messaging. As a single solution, MiCollab brings several other benefits to IT teams, including:

  • One server for all functionality
  • One interface for user deployment
  • One management view
  • One point of control
  • Multiple deployment options including virtualized environments
  • Powerful APIs to bring other applications like email and CRM into the user’s communication realm.

MiCollab Client offers: Deskphone and softphone integration, corporate directory access, visual voice mail, detailed call history, secure instant messaging, point-to-point video, and much more.

Mitel MiTeam for MiCollab

Mitel MiTeam for MiCollab

MiTeam keeps projects moving forward

Team projects can often be difficult to organize. Ideas, action items, decisions, and documents can exist in multiple locations and formats, including email, IMs, voicemail, online storage, individual hard drives,and more. This makes it hard to quickly find or share information. MiTeam integrates into MiCollab to allow you to collaborate with teams of any size, including messaging, content sharing, white-boarding and real-time voice & video meetings. 

MiTeam assists your team with:

  • Keeping up with projects, staying connected with colleagues and clients, and eliminate cumbersome emails with powerful layers of embedded collaboration.
  • Consolidate teamwork capabilities into a single window pane, centralizing chats, content sharing, collaborative whiteboard sessions, pictures, videos, presentations,and add rich graphic and vocal annotations.
  • Integrate and embed external services directly into your MiTeam experience to automate alerts, seamlessly import content and annotate files, never leaving the application.
  • Regardless of where your team is located, MiTeam enables team members to stay current on the projects by reviewing interactions with full context, access to documents shared, view recording of meetings and track project tasks at any time. 


MiCollab Client

MiCollab Client

MiCollab Client is Mitel's award-winning unified communications client. It integrates presence and availability, secure instant messaging, audio conferencing and web and video collaboration with the call control capabilities of MiVoice Business. MiCollab Client also integrates with leading business productivity tools like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office as well as IBM Lotus Notes.

It gives you unprecedented control over your communications and allows real-time access to everyone in the organization, on or off the premises, with user and phone presence information that makes every phone call or instant message (IM) count. Employees can find, communicate, and collaborate with others quickly,simply, and in the moment.

MiCollab Client is a solution that meets the needs of your user communities. It delivers increased efficiency and productivity, reduced costs, enhanced responsiveness, and stream lined business operations.

MiCollab Client Mobile

MiCollab Client Mobile

MiCollab Mobile Client is a client application specifically for mobile devices including Google Android, BlackBerry, and Apple iPhone and iPad. It allows users to change their MiCollab Client Dynamic Status directly from a mobile device and have their statuses automatically updated by the application as they go on and off hook. They can also retrieve voice mail, view their call history, search corporate contacts, and instant message a corporate contact (who may be receiving the IM through the MiCollab Client Web Portal, Microsoft Windows client, or MiCollab mobile client).

NuPoint Unified Messaging

NuPoint Unified Messaging

This is a powerful, voice processing application that provides voice messaging and paging support. Users can access their voice mails remotely and can be notified by telephone or pager when a voice message is left for them. Users can listen to their voicemails through their Lotus Notes, Novell Group Wise, or Microsoft Outlook clients with Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) on playback via a URL. In addition, they can play their emails through the Telephony User Interface. Messages between these clients and the NuPoint TUI are synchronized for message playback. NuPointUnified Messaging also offers desktop access of voice messages from an email client or web browser. 

MiCollab NuPoint provides a reliable, cost-effective messaging application that satisfies the diverse needs of the entire user population. 

Mitel’s NuPoint UM application is also available as a separate standalone product that is distinct from the MiCollab-NuPoint UM application. The NuPoint UM application on the MiCollab product does not support all the same features and functionality of the standalone version.

Audio, Web and Video Conferencing

Audio, Web and Video Conferencing

MiCollab Audio, Web and Video Conferencing is a web-based collaboration viewer that brings together the benefits of a feature-rich audio conferencing solution with easy-to-use, intuitive web conferencing capabilities. These enable users to enhance a conference call or meeting through the use of shared documents, presentations, chat and desktop video. Other enhancements include desktop & application sharing, file transfers, multi-point video conferencing, conference recording, polling and participant, and document management. Regardless of where your team is located Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing Solution allows them to collaborate in real-time.

MiCollab Client Softphone

MiCollab Client Softphone

MiCollab Client Softphone is a server-based unified communications application available as a desk phone, a softphone or as an application with both modes for mobile users. The embedded IP-based software telephone, MiCollab Client Softphone, offers enhanced mobility and flexibility for the workforce. It provides full access to corporate features from any location with a high-speed Internet connection. This enables those on the road or working from home to communicate and collaborate as if they were at the office.

Key features:

  • Simplified Call Management 
  • Dynamic Presence 
  • Hot Desking Call Hand off: The Desktop Client supports the hand off of an active call to another device.
  • Teamwork mode
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • Corporate Secure IM
  • Dynamic Status: provides the user with an easy method of specifying IM, presence, and call routing options when showing a specific Dynamic Status. 
  • Dynamic Location 
  • Console: provides attendants and receptionists with console features and presence information allowing them to process calls efficiently.

Teleworker Solution

The Mitel® Teleworker Solution on the Mitel MiVoice Border Gateway enables employees to work remotely with full access to voice mail, conferencing, and other features of the office phone system. The secure plug-and-play solution turns any Mitel IP Phone in to a Teleworker set.

Speech Auto Attendant

Speech Auto Attendant

Inbound callers want good service that transfers them to the right person easily. NuPoint UM Speech Auto Attendant enhances service with sophisticated speech auto-attendants where callers just say a name or department and they are automatically transferred to that number.

Mitel MiVoice Business Deployment Options

Mitel Communications solutions leverage your existing investment in technology, adding value with the communications and collaboration features that you need to achieve your business goals. Whether it is an on-premise legacy or IP deployment, virtualized, cloud based, or a combination, Mitel solutions work with your other critical business applications.

The Mitel solution’s single software stream means it can easily accommodate your changing needs and preferences over time. So you can deploy on premise today, and then move to the cloud tomorrow. The software stays the same—only the location changes. And that can include a private, public or hybrid cloud. 

Mitel’s open architecture, single software stream, and virtualization capabilities make it all possible, delivering a lower total cost of ownership and a quicker ROI.

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A Single Software Stream = Communication that Evolves with Your IT Strategy

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