Unified messaging (UM) simplifies the message retrieval experience by ‘unifying’ multiple message sources into a single message location.

MitelMitel MiCollab Advanced Messaging - MiCam

Powerful, secure messaging for the entire business

MiCam is a Unified Communication integrated messaging solution that provides sophisticated yet easy-to-use call handling features such as speech auto attendant and message management of voice mail, fax, and email.

With Mitel’s MiCam solution you can empower your employees to work smarter (and not harder) by enabling them to remain connected, drive the exchange of thoughts and improve upon the speed & quality of decisions being made.  Furthermore, you can easily create outgoing call notifications for your customers and employees to inform them of appointment reminders, changes to the schedule or broadcast emergency notifications.   

For ultimate flexibility, the Mitel solution can support just about any e-mail client including hosted e-mail services like Gmail, Office 365, and Hosted Exchange. It also offers a breadth of voice features such as personal distribution lists, broadcasts, and flexible greeting options.

XMXMediusedius XM Connect (Formally AVST)

XM Connect™ is an enterprise-class Unified Communications platform delivering premium Voicemail, Unified Messaging, Mobility, Personal Assistant, Automated Attendant, IVR, Call Center, Fax and Notification applications to companies of all sizes.

Its industry-leading UC interoperability enables organizations to maximize their PBX and email investments by providing seamless integration into multi-vendor environments. XM Connect delivers mission-critical applications to meet ever-changing demands associated with cloud, mobility and security.


XM Connect Unified Messaging pools all communications sent to a staff member (voicemail, fax, e-mail) into their inbox, simplifying and encouraging collaboration. The system is built to be flexible to suit the needs of a wide variety of organizations. It can deliver messages across a wide variety of on-premises and Cloud email systems. Flexible storage options allow communications to be kept in compliance with security guidelines and privacy regulations.

Speech-Enabled Personal Assistant provides your employees hands-free, eyes-free access to communications wherever they are. The Personal Assistant can intelligently route calls based on an employee’s work schedule, meetings, presence status, or physical location. Get important calls where they need to go and make callers feel heard with context-generated availability greetings.

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