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Solution Briefs

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The Benefits of Unified Communications and Collaboration

Mitel offers industry-leading unified communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. All of our voice solutions can be expanded into full, featu...

How good is your communication system?

Today's hybrid and remote-first teams want to work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. They want the freedom to choose how they communi...

Ring Central Contact Center: 10 Things to consider before moving to the cloud

More and more businesses are discovering that cloud-based contact center solutions can help them keep pace with today’s changing business landsc...

UCaaS, what to know before you commit

Key questions to ask before choosing your UCaaS provider UCaaS delivers long-term value as well as immediate benefits. But, when moving to a cloud ...

What you need to know about Kari’s Law and Section 506 of RAY BAUM’S Act.

Mitel has released some important information regarding new FCC requirements that affects your Multi-Line Telephone System. As you may know, in August...

2021 State of hybrid work report

Provided by Ring Central This report will explains how small businesses are managing a partially remote workforce and how to set up your small busi...

Unrecognizable Collaboration

Insight Report provided by Ring Central In this insight report, we’ve profiled 5 of the most exciting applications, investigating precisely h...

How your communications system contributes to school safety

A school emergency can arise any time, anywhere, impacting the lives of students, teachers, parents and staff. How do you respond to an unfolding s...

Cloud Networking Buyers Guide

Extreme Networks has provided this Buyers Guide which provides information, benefits and features on Cloud Networking. Download your copy today.

Guide to Effective Team Collaboration and Communication

Read this five-step primer to help you increase efficiency and productivity.

Guide to Finding a New Phone System

Don’t feel overwhelmed on your search for a new phone system. Sticking to these seven steps will keep your search focused and strategic. As an e...

Moving to the Cloud

Why your phone system is a great place to start!

Comparing UC Vendors

A successful unified communications (UC) deployment should streamline everyone's workflow, simplify IT operations and deliver a lowered total cost of ...

The Essential Guide to Public Cloud for Business Communications

So you’re considering public cloud for your business communications. You’re not alone! In fact, more and more businesses are turning to cl...

Aruba Instant Wi-Fi

The need for users to be productive on their mobile devices is driving organizations everywhere to look for ways to cost-effectively build and su...

Mobilizing Real Time Communications

Basic real-time communication (RTC) and connectivity services are under pressure as the market demands richer, higher value services available on...

Ten Trends Impacting Your Contact Center and How to Profit From Them

That’s the reality of doing business in today’s mobile world where every customer has your competitor a simple tap away on a smartphone. E...

Five Ways to Improve Customer Service

The key to great service is being accessible to your clientele, no matter where you are. Today, contact center agents are not bound to the office; th...

10 Reasons for a Cloud-Based Solution

We have narrowed down 10 critical reasons businesses choose a cloud-based solution for phone systems. From cost benefits to mobility, security and...

802.11 Buyer's Guide

Created by: Extreme Networks

Lync Deployment - Aruba Instant Best Practice Guide

This document is intended to serve as guide to deploying Microsoft Lync on an Aruba Instant network. The Guide walks through the market dynamics influencing the change in the Unified Communications market, as well as GUI configuration fields in Instant to setup the network.

Network Rightsizing Blueprint for the All-Wireless Workplace

Understanding the drivers behind the all-wireless work place is key to migrating away from hard-wired gear and toward a vision of full mobility.

10 Contact Center Tech Tools

You may think you are running an efficient and cost effective contact center, but there is always room for improvement when it comes to the customer experience. Whether it’s gaining more insight into contact center operations so you can better manage your business, accurately staffing agents to the forecasted call volume or ensuring your contact center is a resilient and highly available business unit, you may be missing out on key contact center features that can help you better measure and manage your business. If you don’t have these 10 features in your contact center software, look for a solution that does.

Creating a Communication-led Business by Understanding UC Adoption

The anticipated growth of the UC market and increasing demand for advanced technology applications from workers means it is more important than ever for companies to embrace new ways of communicating and start benefiting from the changing nature of collaboration in the workplace.

Seven Productivity Myths WP

After years of being chained to the old ideas of office productivity, businesses are realizing that liberated employees are empowered employees. When you free people from the tethers of the office, amazing things start to happen: productivity rises, borders and barriers disappear, innovation replaces enervation, and the quality of work improves as employees’ quality of life improves.

Work is evolving

The Next Generation Model for Smarter Business

Today’s world of business is increasingly fast-paced, competitive, technology-led and global. Cultural, technological and physical elements are working together to drive a rapid pace of change like never before. From demand for more freedom in the way we work and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, to technology innovationand the increasing adoption of new devices, platforms and applications, to the breaking down of international and regional barriers.

Guide to Buying a Phone System

A Step-by-Step approach to finding the best solution for your business.

Call Recording for Healthcare

This document will provide background on EMRs, explore call recording as a logical and beneficial component of a healthcare provider’s electronic recordkeeping, discuss why traditional EMR implementation problems do not exist with call recording and demonstrate that regardless of an operation’s degree of EMR deployment, call recording can be added immediately to any office without interference or procedural disruption.

Call Recording for Customer Retention

This white paper will explore how call recording and voice documentation can have a near-immediate impact on the quality of service and rate of customer retention in businesses that conduct any portion of their operations via the telephone.

5 Steps to Future Proofing Your Communications System

Presented by: AVST

Cloud Batting Lineup

In business, as in baseball, communication and collaboration are critical to working like a team toward a common goal. Having the right equipment can be a big part of that. Chances are, you’ve already moved some of your business applications to the cloud, which will better prepare you for working communications into your cloud lineup. If you still haven’t unified your communications in the cloud, now might be the best time to act—before the competition gets a competitive edge.

Premise-Based vs Host Communications Solution

An objective look at the pros and Cons of each.

2014 WiFi Challenge

Created by: Extreme Networks Guide to understanding and choosing a Wi-Fi Solution for Today's Mobile Worlds



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