Network Virtualization


VMware ~ Hyper-V ~ Citrix

Virtualization is not new and has actually been around since the 1960’s in the world of mainframe computers.  Server virtualization has exploded in the last decade for hardware consolidation because the costs have been reduced that even the smallest organizations can benefit.  You can utilize free versions of the most popular software packages which now support both voice & data.

Mitel and VMware Build A Bridge

Virtualized VoIP PBX Systems became popular several years ago when Mitel entered into a development agreement with VMWare which produced the Mitel vMCD Product which was the first PBX manufacturer to release a functioning, real-time PBX on a virtual server platform. Virtual PBX is software based and it completely replaces traditional, hardware based PBX. Since it is software based, it offers easy installation and many additional features that a traditional PBX cannot.

Hardware virtualization will continue to be the trend in the IT industry, contact a TIG Sales team member for more information.

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