Call Accounting

MiVoice Analytics (Call Accounting) enables companies to track, monitor & control telecommunication usage & costs.

Mitel MiVoice Analytics

Mitel Mitel MiVoice Analytics is a comprehensive general business reporting, management, and call costing solution for the MiVoice Business platform that is available as either a single site or multi-site solution. 

MiVoice Analytics is available to MiVoice Business customers in two licensable bundles:

  • Call Accounting - for historical call costing, subscriber services, and traffic analysis reporting. 
  • Business Reporter - for general business extension reporting (includes Call Accounting

MiVoice Analytics is also included out-of-the-box with the purchase of MiContact Center Business Solution. 

MiVoice Analytics (formally Call Accounting) enables you to:

  • Route calls using ring group routing algorithms
  • Monitor usage and establish call patterns for departments and workgroups
  • Track, report, and control telecommunication costs
  • Perform cost recovery and carrier bill reconciliation
  • Chargeback departments, employees and customers using markup or discount pricing.
  • Control and reduce costs by analyzing the efficiency of your incoming, outgoing, and bi-directional trunks
  • Know if costs are excessive because employees are sharing toll-free lines, calling restricted numbers, or calling their friends long distance


  • Incorporate data from multiple telephone systems to get the "big picture"
  • Manage call flow and schedule staff when they are needed
  • Know the distribution of telecommunication costs across departments and workgroups, and verify carrier bills
  • Know the availability of your employees, who they are speaking with, and how long they have been talking
  • Resolve misuse of the telephone system
  • Produce flexible rate tables that are tailored to the organization
 MiVoice Analytics Licensing  Call Accounting    
  Business Reporter 
Call Costing                                 X               X
Subscriber Services              X               X
Historical Reporting             X               X
Real-time Monitoring             X               X
Ring Group Support             X               X
Real-time Call Costing             X               X
Report Distribution             X               X
Traffic Analysis             X               X
Attendant Consoles             X               X
Trunk Reporting             X               X
2 System Admins             X               X
Network License             X               X
Toll Fraud             X               X
Optional for Business Reporter Only  
Business Reporter Client
         Phone Set Manager                 X
         General Business Screen-pop (CCC)                                                                 X





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