How App Overload is Reshaping the Digital Workplace

From Workplace Chaos to Zen

Information is coming from everywhere, with unlimited ways for it to be delivered. Notifications flood cellphones, ads inundate web browsers, news and social media jostle for attention. Want to cuddle with puppies? There’s an app for that, and virtually everything else. Amidst a surplus of technology, we face a glaring deficit of order. Alvin Toffler first introduced the concept of information overload in 1970; today that disconcerting feeling has spilled into the workplace and is hampering how work gets done.

We know today’s workplace requires a toolbelt of apps and programs to complete tasks efficiently and effectively, but have workers reached an app overload tipping point that is undermining the business goal of improved productivity? RingCentral and CITE Research explored this question via an online survey of 2,000 global knowledge workers. Download now to learn more.


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